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Adult Short leg bodysuit

Sale price$84.00

Style as Showen - Short Leg Back Zip with Singlet Top

  • Made from a soft Polycotton Interlock Fabric
  • Colour: Navy

A non-restricting, non-removable Body Suit with a zip-opening at the back. Ideal for those who experience discomfort or displeasure - and try to remove - their clothing or continence Products and require adaptive clothing and a comfortable garment.

 body suit is designed to maintain the Wearer's Dignity & Freedom of movement whilst preventing them from accessing inside the body suit, removing the onesie or their incontinence product or simply undressing completely.

The Humble body suit acts as calming clothing for adults with Dementia, Alzheimer's, Autism, a Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Developmental Delays or Down Syndrome.

Designed for comfort & dignity. Non-Restrictive, Non-removable, Comfortable, Machine Washable & Reusable



BODY SUIT SIZING CHART (Approx measurements of the body suit) Length: Measure from Shoulder to crotch

XSmall: Shoulder to Crotch length 63, Hip 76cm

Small: Shoulder to Crotch length 67cm, Hip 84cm

Medium: Shoulder to Crotch length 73cm, Hip 90cm

Large: Shoulder to Crotch length 81cm, Hip 96cm

XLarge: Shoulder to Crotch length 84cm, Hip 100cm 

2XLarge: Shoulder to Crotch length 87cm , Hip 110cm

3XLarge: Shoulder to Crotch length 97cm, Hip 120cm

Adult Short leg bodysuit
Adult Short leg bodysuit Sale price$84.00