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Stay Dry Bike Cover

Sale price$299.00

Made to fit small to large mountain bikes (photo is a specialized electric bike). Ideal for bike rack (this rack is a Grip Sport) as it fits smugly.  Made in a waterproof UV stretchy fabric Polyamide 24%/PVC 67%/ PU 9%.  EN 343 Resistance to water penetration and Fire Resistant.

To fit cover:

1. Undo lower Velcro fastenings 

2. undo strap on front handlebars 

3. Undo front zip

4. Place cover over top of handlebars

5. Pull cover down over back wheel

6. Put handlebar cover on non-zip side first 

7. Pull cover down over front wheel 

8. Zip up over front wheel 

9. Zip up handlebar cover 

10. Close Velcro strap on front of handle bars 

 11. Close Velcro along the bottom of the cover



Stay Dry Bike Cover
Stay Dry Bike Cover Sale price$299.00