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Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Our Waterproof Mattress protectors come in a range of fits & Quality Specialized Fabrics. Designed for all uses from Our standard Canadian Manufactured 100% waterproof Fabric to our Extreme Hospital Grade Option's

Limb Protectors

Our Limb Protectors are designed to help prevent Skin Tears & bruising. used widely in Our aged care facility's to protect clients forearms & shines from Unwanted bruising & Skin Tears

Body Suits

Our Bodysuits have been designed to be Light weight & comfortable to wear all day designed for Clients with high dependency to assist carers with day to day care requirements

Bike Cover

A stretchy bike cover waterproof fits snugly to bike. One piece bike cover, fire retardant, polyamide fabric 24%, PVC 67%, PU 9%.

Mealtime Protectors

Quality NZ Designed & Manufactured Long Lasting Mealtime protectors range of styles available used widely by leading New Zealand Aged Care facility's. Designed to handle daily wash & wear.

Washable waterproof Clothing Protectors - Available in a range of length & Colours

Idea for food preparation / Dentist & Aged Care staff along with a Wide range of Other facility's

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