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Comfortable Mattress Protection Medical Grade 100% Waterproof. Breathable & Gentle on Skin

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16 Ultimate Medi plus Apron - NZ Manufacture

Quality Fabric & Manufacture Ideal for Home Carer's & Use in Hospital's / Aged Care facility's / Commercial Kitchen's & Cleaning Contractors Wide Range of Use's - Including when Showering Patients & protecting clothing from Cooking Fats & Cleaning Chemicals Shop Now
Comfy Absorbent Bed Pads

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Your not alone....

It is estimated that almost 280,000 people suffer from the involuntary loss of urine in New Zealand.

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Superior Mattress protection

Medical Grade Soft to Touch & Wipeable Mattress protection

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Clothing Protectors

Absorbent Mealtime protector's

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A re-usable pad typically does the work of four disposable pads. So Lets compare the environmental impact of one Comfy Absorbent bed pad, To that of 800 disposable pads (4 pads x 200 linen sets)…a 100 bed facility saves 132 cubic yards of landfill space in one year by choosing re-usables over disposables.

Everyday Mattress protection

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Staynew fitted waterproof mattress protector
Staynew fitted waterproof mattress protector
Staynew fitted waterproof mattress protector From $47.99
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
Book-a-Bach Ready Bundle
Book-a-Bach Ready Bundle
Book-a-Bach Ready Bundle On Sale from $154.40
On Sale

Looking for Incontinence Products in NZ?

Stay Dry supplies a complete range of adult incontinence products in NZ. Dealing with and addressing urinary or faecal incontinence is a significant challenge. We can support your requirements discreetly to help normalise your life. Our specialised products promote dignity and provide protection and comfort for people with incontinence-related issues. Below are some standard adult incontinence products:

  • Absorbent pads. Discreet and thin, you can wear these pads with regular underwear. The absorbent core captures and locks away moisture.
  • Protective underwear.The permeable centre is designed for moderate to heavy protection; wear it like everyday underwear.
  • Adult diapers. These diapers have been specifically designed for adults. They are available in different sizes and absorbency levels to provide full coverage.
  • Incontinence liners. Liners are thin pads that provide light to moderate protection for those who need additional security. You can combine them with regular underwear or other incontinence products.

Hypoallergenic Material

All our elderly incontinence products are hypoallergenic, made from velvety fabrics that are soft against the skin, absorb moisture rapidly and neutralise odours. Why not talk to us about your specific requirements, and we’ll recommend the most comfortable and practical solution?