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About us

A Bit about Stay Dry

Stay Dry Products was originally started in 1991. After finding there was a need for incontinence briefs. So the first brief was designed and tested and found to work really well. The orders started coming in and the business began to expand with marketing in residential homes. From there the products also began to expand with new products being designed according to the needs of our clients.

Stay Dry produces & designs many different products, Mattress & pillow protectors, Waterproof Duvet Covers, Comfy bed pads, Baby change mats, chair pads, arm & legs protectors, Aprons, Mealtime Protectors, Men's woman's & children's Briefs and much more.

All Stay Dry products garments are machine washable, a big plus for our environment.

Based in Whangamata, its a great place for this sort of business. We have a marvelous courier service and can get most orders to customers in 24 - 48 hr. Even the name of the town is an asset anyone can remember Whangamata, and find us listed in the phone book