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Moving Aids to Assist carer's.

Slippery Sam's 

Used Wildy here in NZ By Our Healthcare professionals. 

An Ingenious way to Maneuver patients & minimize strain on Carer's When re - positioning or transferring a Patient. 

This Light Convenient Piece of Equipment -Slippery Sam slider sheet ( Moving Aid )-Standard –  is used to position and move people with ease. Maneuvering is simplified for caregivers; the slide sheet works by sliding under the user rather than having to lift. What makes this slide sheet so easy is the special silicon coated polyester taffeta,

Incredibly light and durable Small to store Away the Slippery Sam is a must-have piece of equipment in healthcare settings.

Uses for the slide sheet include moving patients from beds to chairs, or from Bed to bed. also aids in moving clients up the bed. 

When you need to put on the sling in a wheelchair, it can sometimes be difficult to position the sling as usual, especially when the chair has a high back. To reduce the friction between the back of the patient the Slippery Sam makes this easier.

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Slippery Sam slider sheet ( Moving Aid )-Standard –


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