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Article: Comparing Apples for Apples.... What do I look for in an Absorbent Washable bed pad?

Comparing Apples for Apples.... What do I look for in an Absorbent Washable bed pad?

Comparing Apples for Apples.... What do I look for in an Absorbent Washable bed pad?

Absorbent Pad Pads are marketed to us at a Range of Price points all claiming the same or similar Quality's.

However how they can stack up in reality can be a different story. 

After over 20 Years in the industry, we have heard horror stories from Care organization of soiled Mattresses When a competitor's bed pad has not lived up to its claims.

below is what you can look out for when purchasing. 

Absorbent Bed pads are generally made of 3 Layer system. 

Topper fabric - The important wicker layer that will allow the moisture to wicker into the Middle layer of Incontinence wadding.

This layer should be soft to touch to ensure a comfortable night's sleep for your patient/Loved one. it also must have a composition that allows moisture to wicker through, A polyester Brushed finish not only allows moisture to wicker though without feeling wet to touch it also assist in keeping moisture away from patients' skin to prevent Irritation & Discomfort. 

 Incontinence Wadding - Wadding on the Middle layer Not seen due to the construction plays a Valuable role in the Efficient drawing of moisture away from your patient or loved one. Again, if this is not sufficient this can cause skin irrigation & General discomfort for your client/Child. 

Waterproof Base - Some may Ague this is the most important part of the bed part. although equally important to the above components. If this is not sufficient your bed pad is not fit for purpose and can cause stress when full bedding changes are required in the middle of the night or when staffing number are low. 

The waterproof Base should be just that our specially designed PU waterproof base not only can handle being washed daily & machine dried at heats of up to 70 degrees it also will not lose its ability to protect your mattress after over 365 washes in fact, we in fact have had clients who have used our Comfy bed pad & used for over 15 years and the waterproof is still proving to provide protection. others stating to have had the same Comfy Absorbent Bed Pads – for all children in their family using as change matts through bedtime toilet training with no need to replace. This makes our bed pads extremely cost effective.

Some bed pads may state waterproof for up to 50 washes. This can be due to some applications being a spray on application of waterproof protection which although more cost effective for manufacturer the spray application tends to Give an uneven application & wears down after a number of washes. becoming less effective and can wear off completely in area's leaving you mattress & bedding vulnerable to leakage. others may use a waterproof that is not made for the healthcare sector & Harsh reality of soiling & daily washing meaning when washed & dried repetitively can cause the waterproof to become hard & crack causing a breakdown of the waterproof membrane.

we hope this helps you when deciding of the best Absorbent bed pad to protect your bedding & provide comfort for your clients & Loved ones. 


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