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15TXX long toweling mealtime protector

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15TXX - Long Toweling Mealtime Protector 3/4 Waterproof Backing

NZ Manufacture

Ideal for Aged care facility's & Support Homes

  • Made from quality Toweling.
  • 3/4 Waterproof Backing
  • Quality Long design & Manufacture 
  • Bind Edges
  • Three adjustable domes on neck.
  • Length 62cm long from front of neck.
  • Free from Lead/Free from Heavy Metals/ Free of Phthalate
  • Navy Trim
Sold Per Unit
Per Carton (40 Units)
(Wholesale Rates applied for Per carton Purchases, Saving's $280.00 per carton) 

Machine washable & Tumble dryer friendly 
(We do not recommend the use of Harsh Bleaches)

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