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A Better Future with Washable Bed Pad's - in Our New Zealand Healthcare sector.

let's highlight the amount of waste We could save from landfill if Our Healthcare sector In New Zealand Went Washable with Their bed pads.

Smaller environmental footprint…With reusable pads vs disposables Launderable reusable pads with the Our High-Quality barrier last up to 200 wash/dry cycles.

A reusable pad typically does the work of four disposable pads. So Lets compare the environmental impact of one Comfy Absorbent Bed Pads – , To that of 800 disposable pads (4 pads x 200 linen sets)…a 100 bed facility saves 132 cubic yards of landfill space in one year by choosing reusables over disposables.

In addition to the landfill volume, consider all the raw materials needed to manufacture disposables ...add to that the tons of packaging materials and the added energy used along the way in transportation of new product brought into facilities and disposal of waste product taken out.

When you consider the full life-cycle impact on the environment, the most durable reusable option, Comfy Absorbent Bed Pads –

The Time to Change is now.