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Adult Dignity Bodysuits - What Are they you may ask? .....

Adult Dignity Bodysuits - What Are they you may ask?  .......

The adult Dignity Bodysuit is A non-restricting, non-removable Body Suit with a zip-opening at the back. Ideal for those who experience discomfort or displeasure - and try to remove - their clothing or continence Products and require adaptive clothing and a comfortable garment.
The body suit is designed to maintain the Wearer's Dignity & Freedom of movement whilst preventing them from accessing inside the body suit, removing the onesie or their incontinence product or simply undressing completely.
The Humble body suit acts as calming clothing for adults with Dementia, Alzheimer's, Autism, a Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Developmental Delays or Down Syndrome.

Designed for comfort & dignity. 




Machine Washable


Colour - Navy

Available in a Range of styles 

Dementia, Alzheimer's & Autism Dignity Bodysuits – Stay Dry